Sunday, May 15, 2011

Why men love porn stars!

This is an easy one so I figured I would take the time to answer this question for all you women out there. Here goes basically porn stars do on film what you women will not behind closed doors in the dark. More importantly porn stars are really great at what they do and probably practice with more partners and positions than you could ever imagine. Now i know some of you are undercover freaks but porn stars are out in the open about there business.

Just ask your self this when is the last time you tossed your mans salad? And no i am talking about food. Or when is the last time you gave some really great head and swallowed? porn stars do this on a daily basis and look good doing it.

So there i hoped i answered your question women about why men love porn stars so much!

Why .xxx domains might work!

As long as the search engines allow for .xxx domains t show up at the the top of the results .xxx domains will be awesome for helping adult industry achieve keywords they could not before because the domains were already taken.

From what I can tell .xxx domains are on the way even though this has been said many times in the past. Just recently Network Solutions signed an agreement with the .xxx domain company ICM Registry to start selling the domains soon. And although a lot of the great domains are already pre-registered there will be plenty of great ones there to get for sure.

We need a better drug policy in the America

I think every American at this point either knows or has known a drug user. Whether it is a friend, co worker, family member or etc etc.. We all know deep down these people are not criminals and in most cases have a good reason to be doing what they are doing.

A friend of mine who died loved to smoke a joint when his HIV would kick in. Truth is it was the only thing to bring a smile to his face out of all the pharmaceuticals he was prescribed and that was o.k. with me and should be for any American that calls themselves one.

If you do not have compassion in this life than how can you expect any in the next one?

Saturday, November 21, 2009