Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Yes penis pumps work!

Yes penis pumps work to help men with all sorts erectile problems but I just want to add some length and girth and got a penis pump for that purpose alone and it has worked to increase both. I was doubting it would work to help me with these two problems

But using a penis pump regularly over the last couple of months has made me longer and thicker and as you can imagine I am very excited about it and so is my sexual partner! Sometimes in life you have to ignore the hype and just try it out for yourself and this was one of those ties that paid off for me BIG time!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Why is the web so great?

My friend once asked what makes the internet so great? I smiled and told him "the free porn that is what makes it so great" and that was when there was just free nudie pics online now there are free adult videos online and that has made the web even better.

Places like Your Hot Tube offer visitors free porno videos with no catches or sign ups which is probably going to make it get millions of visits each day because it is free to watch porn videos. Anyways make sure to bookmark this website if your an adult and always have free porn at your fingertips!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

When do you see yourself retiring?

I ask myself this question a lot when do I plan on retiring and just staying at home and running my business from there. I wonder when that day will come but for now it is just a thought and I have never really put much more than that into thinking about retiring. but now that things are going so well for my business I am think about staying at home to be around my family more and possibly starting up a couple more business while I have the spare time.

Not sure what I am going to do but would love to hear from other people that are considering retiring and when did you want to retire and how long did it actually take you to do so before you actually could? So answer this when ever you get a chance because this a timeless post or atleast until i retire!

Dog a cat or something else person?

When it comes to animals which type of animal do you love the most a cat a dog or some other type of animal? I am not quite sure really why I am asking other than I am wondering to myself what type of people read my blog are they dog people or cat people or something else people, lol

I have not really had time to think about who my potential audience would be here to read my blog other than my friends or family members but i know what all of them are including myself which is Dog lovers although we love every type of animal and have owned just about every type you can imagine.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Another great video store for men

I came across this great website I found from the word of mouth of a friend that said this is where he gets all his sex videos and if your an adult then you need to check it out if you buy such things because they are so cheap there it almost like stealing because they sell them for so cheap.

Around these parts if you wanted videos like these then you had to pay a pretty penny for just a VHS and if you wanted a dvd then you might as well get ready to spend a bill and if you want a blu-ray then you might as well get on the waiting list but this online store has tens of thousands of adult movies for sale and they arrived when the next day!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Toys for men to own

Every man should have some sex furniture in his bedroom. Nothing tells your girlfriend that you know how to do the dam thing better than having a piece or set or sex furniture in the love layer. And to me there is nothing more pleasure able then having sex on something that was made just for that purpose.

Every man should also have a collection of other toys locked up somewhere because adding toys into the mix is a lot of fun when done right. So if you are a man make sure ot have these couple of things otherwise your just not in the know.

Erotic fun online

Sitting around with friends the other night we decided to play around online for a bit and found some interesting websites as a result of a couple of quick searches. The first is called Erotic Sex Chat which is a a way hot place to chat with adults from all over the world. The second is Adult Friend Finder which had tons of people that were local.

After a couple of quick questions and verifying an email address or two we all signed in and started chatting with people that were all very cool and mostly happy to see us. I am very happy to say that we found several people to chat with for a bit that were all very polite and easy going. Should you be looking for a couple cool places to flirt with adults then check these two spots out.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hard Sun by Eddie Vedder

I found this great song on YouTube called Hard Sun done by Eddie Vedder which just rocks. If you get a chance click over and give it a listen and watch sometime i am sure you will be very pleased with the sound and beat no matter what tyoe of songs you like.

It is rare for me to find the time to watch videos on VH1 or other stations because I am never really awake during the good times to watch those services but I love the fact i can find just about any music video online and listen to it and watch on demand.

Seen any good ones lately?

I went to blockbuster the other day when i could not find anything good to watch on cable and there was nothing there i wanted to even see so i left empty handed. So I was wondering is it just me or has anybody seen a good movie lately?

I wonder what all the movie studious are doing with all that money they have because making good movies seems to be something none of them have done in the last couple of years. So if you have seen anything worth sitting down and watching for a couple of hours please leave the title in teh comments section please, thanks.

Please make more electric cars and trucks

Please make more electric cars and trucks all you car manufacturers. I feel sorry for any American that is buying a new car in th next 2 years because gas is only going up in price and is never coming back down and they will be stuck paying very high prices for gas along with car payments and insurance basically keeping them broke.

I hope that cars that run off electricity or water come out in the next 2 years or faster because the average American can not afford the gas prices of today not to mention the prices in 2 years. So this is my shameless plea to all the car and truck makers in American please make more electric cars and trucks.

So glad I did not buy one

I am so glad that i did not shell out BIG bucks for a HD player. My significant other wanted me to buy one so bad because last year she thought they were going to win the format war and wanted one to go with our new LCD screen. but I told her lets get a PlaySation 3 instead which comes with a blu-ray disc player so we could watch HD movies on our television and play games to.

So thankfully the format war ended and blu-ray is the winner and like I said o am glad i did not shell out the BIG bucks for a HD player and instead bought a Play Station 3

Where to get music jams from

Well i am hard working guy and since I do most of my work online I like to listen to music on my computer while i do it. The place is use and think is the best to listen to free music is Yahoo Launch Cast Radio which can be found by going to music.yahoo.com

There is can make and customize a radio station to your liking and music genre and sit back and listen to music all day long and in my case while i work all day long. So if you have not found a great place to get music yet swing on over and give it a try sometime.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Looking forward to many more posts

Just got tis blog started so I am giving a post a try to see how it works and just how well this new blog of mine works. i am planning on keeping a lot of my personal stuff on here and may decide one day to make this blog private but who knows we will just have to see ho wit goes.